“Individual Net Score” 12/11/19 Results

Handicap 4-10:  Acton 67, Boswell 72, Collins & Wray 73, Burns 76.

Handicap 11-14:  J Hall 76, Lambert 77, Howell & Parris 79, Fink 80.

Handicap 15-18:  Wyatt 71, Garrett 76, Flavin 77.

Handicap 19-29:  Erlewine 69, Mirek 70, Wright 72.

Birdies or better:  #3 Howell, #8 Acton, #17 Wyatt.

Greenies:  #6 Lambert, #9 Moore, #11 Burns, #15 VanderVliet.

2 thoughts on ““Individual Net Score” 12/11/19 Results

  1. Hi fellows. I have not been playing for a while due to a rotator cuff injury, right shoulder. I have been advised by my doctor to only putt for a while. Could be early spring before I get back. Of course, considering my lack of putting skill it might be a blessing in disguise to just work on that. I must say I’ve never played with a better bunch of fellows nor seen better dogfight organization than I enjoyed with y’all. See ya later.


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