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“Hump Day Hackers”

Wednesday Seniors, ages 55+ 10:00 AM Dogfight!


2020 / 2021 Cool Weather Seniors Formats and Rules

   Effective 11/4/20  through 3/31/21

1st Wednesday:   “Blind Partner Draw”, Teams will be chosen by clubhouse while on course.  Total net score of team.  (Team size based on attendance).  Choose your own foursome!

2nd Wednesday:   “Individual NET score” (Handicap Group Competition). Individual competes with total net score (gross score minus handicap). Choose your own foursome!

 3rd Wednesday: “Texas Scramble” Team chooses best drive then all players play individual ball to the hole.  Team scores with best two scores for each hole. Scoring is by gross scoring. Prizes for:  Best Front, back, & total.  All ties are shared. Each player must score at least two (2) holes per side (nine holes).

4th Wednesday: Points Competition” Individual scores by adding points earned with handicap (Maximum Handicap is 30).   Points: Bogies “1”, Pars “2”, Birdies “4”, Eagle “6”.  (Handicap Group Competition).  Choose your own foursome!

5th Wednesday:  “Captain’s Choice”, Standard Captains Choice Format.  Each team player’s drive must be used once per side (nine holes).  Total Score.  (This will also be default format on cold/inclement weather days).

Birdie & Better Pot is awarded through elimination format.

Basic rules:

  1. Teams will be drawn by “A” player blind drawer (balls in a hat) or off handicap sheet, whichever appropriate considering attendees & format.
  2. All players must register and pay prior to teeing off.  Please arrive at least 30 minutesprior to 1st tee time of 10:00am.
  3. Rolling ball within12” in the rough and fairway is permissible as long as sight/flight line to the hole is not improved by such movement.  A ball being played from a hazard must not be moved(Extreme weather/course conditions may require a modification of this rule and this will be discussed prior to play).
  4. All “out of bounds”balls must be re-hit from original location (Local Rule) and the player is penalized both stroke and distance.
  5. There will be no “GIMMES.”All putts must be played to the hole with all strokes counting up to a triple bogey (see 7 below).  No exceptions please!
  6. “Greenies” are awarded only when a player pars the hole.Therefore, do not lift prior player’s marker until you have secured your par.  Last group will bring in all markers.
  7. Please pick up ballafter triple bogey attempt and score a triple bogey on the scorecard.

**Please try to arrive by 9:30 AM so teams may be chosen in a timely manner.  Keep pace with group in front of you, lead groups should play in no more than 4 hrs. & 20 min., and report to scorer’s table with completed score card prior to unloading in parking lot.   Thanks for your cooperation!

The current host is Thom Carney, e-mail: rangert1@msn.com.

3 thoughts on “About/Formats/Rules

    1. Would like to know more about the tournaments on Wednesday and how I would be handicapped. Just moved back to the upstate and would like to start playing with y’all. I average shooting around 90. You can give me a call 864 415-2275. I know Don Satterfield if he is the one that worked at Michelin Tire. Please give me a call when you get a chance, thanks TJ


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