4 thoughts on “Remember, new formats and new start time of 8:30 begin next Wednesday the 6th of April.

  1. Hi, my name is Steve Vander Vliet and I would like to join the Hump day Hackers. Just moved to Inman from the Chicago area. Let me know if there is any openings. Thanks.


  2. Hi. I’ve just moved to Inman from Spartanburg and would like to join the Humpday Hackers. I’ve played Village Greens since I was in my 20’s (61 now). I’m familiar with the rules/formats from your impressive website. I currently play around a 9 or 10 handicap. My only concern is about days where you pick your own foursome. I don’t know anyone in the group and wonder how I can find a foursome. Thanks for your help.

    Kevin Bolin kevinbolin0@gmail.com


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