Updated Player Information, 2/10/21

NAMEHCPAVG Newcomers/Infrequents
Acton, Wayne880.7 Ball, 79.1, 6H
Beals, Bob1386.1 Bolduc, 103, 28H
Bettencourt, Dave1790.9 Boucher, 73.3, 1H
Blackwell, Sam1588.2 Bradley, N. 98.8, 24H
Boswell, Bill981.5 Casey, R. 94.9, 21H
Bradey, Chas.173.5 Clary, 90.9, 17H
Burns, HD1183.7 Curtin, R 79.3, 7H
Carey, Otto1285.4 Dale, Barry 105.1, 30H
Carithers, Doug1790.7 Darby, 91.1, 17H
Carney, Thom1082.9 Davis, Ben 88, 14H
Casey, Bill28103.3 Donald, Tim 80, 7H
Clark, Al30105.7 Dorer 100.7, 26H
Collins, Don1184.3 Erps, 92.3, 18H
Cordle, Harry1993.0 Ferguson, Jack 92.6, 19H
Cornell, Jim1689.8 Findlay, 97, 23H
Cothran, Gene26101.0 Gallagher, Tom 107.5, 32H
Donald, Tim880.7 Green, Terry 91.7, 18H
Dyslin, Royce678.5 Greer, Lee 83.8, 11H
Ezell, Del1588.3 Greer. Jake 93.3, 19H
Fink, W.1285.1 Habig, 102.8, 28H
Flavin, Marty1689.7 Hager, 86.2, 13H
Fowler, Bill1790.8 Hall, Don 94.8, 21H
Gabriel, J. 1690.2 Hamilton, Lacy 103.1, 28H
Gammons, Scott1993.5 Hester, M. 85.4, 12H
Garrett, A.1791.0 Hofelich, 93.7, 20H
Gilliam, Jerry1487.6 Hope, John 87.9, 14H
Hall, J1386.7 Jackson, Tony 82.9, 10
Henderson, Barry1790.8 Kreiztburg, Jack 84.7 11H
Hood, Dawsey1285.3 Kriese, T 94.4 20H
Howell, Eugene1184.5 Krouse, H 102.9, 28H
Linder, Bill1689.9 Lenthe, Larry 88.6, 15H
Lykins, Ebby1588.7 Loxely, Roger, 82.7, 10H
Marlowe, E. 1386.9 Migut, 93.3,19H
McCarter, Larry1083.6 Moore, Ken 84.2 11H
McIntyre, Dan1285.5 Newell 88.7, 15H
Mirek, Joe1892.3 Newton, Bill 100, 25H
Moore, Derrell981.6 Norris, Billy 75.4, 3H
Pearson, Jim28102.9 O’Neil 84.7 11H
Quinones, Victor981.9 Ortt, Greg 94.8, 21H
Rawls, Rock1690.1 Parris, Red 87, 14H
Rice, Cliff1993.6 Parsons, 107.4, 32H
Roberts, Wayne1690.0 Payne, 85.4, 12H
Sanders, Ron1790.8 Plemmons, 97, 23H
Satterfield, Don678.8 Price, Bill 90.6, 17H
Taylor, H.1588.8 Price, Tony 88.8, 15H
Taylor, Jesse1082.8 Reid, Tim 89.5, 16H
VanderVliet, Steve1184.2 Sanders, Mike, 83.8, 11H
Webb, Jack982.3 Shaw, Dar 75.9, 4H
Wingo, Jerry1285.3 Shields, 82.6 10H
Wingo, Randy1386.1 Tryonoveich, L. 92.2, 18H
Wood, Pat880.8 Tucker, Tim 83.7, 11H
Wray, Briggs1083.6 Washburn, Jim, 84.4, 11H 
Wright, Eddie2195.1 Wood, Steve, 100.7, 26H
Wyatt, Terry1891.9 Young, Dan 95.9, 21H

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