Important notice from course!!




Over the last week, we have been asked many times about what Village Greens is doing to make sure we provide a safe, enjoyable environment for our golfers and staff.  I just wanted to let you know some things that we’ve been doing in order to serve our golfers during this time:


1. Water coolers have been removed from stations on course

2. All carts are washed and sanitized daily.  When carts are returned from play we sanitize the touch points on each cart again.

3.  Bunker rakes have been removed from course.

4.  We have issued a notice to leave pins in while putting.  Also, we have installed foam inserts so that the ball will stay up near ground level and will allow for the golfer to retrieve his/her ball without having to remove the pin or reach into the cup.

5.  Ball washers and towels have been removed from course.

6.  Clubhouse restrooms and course restrooms are  thoroughly sanitized and monitored daily.

7.  All entrance doors and interior door handles are sanitized daily.

8.  Employees are required to use hand sanitizer and proper hand washing techniques throughout the day.


Again, we thank you for your continued patronage.  Let us know if we can be of any assistance.


Travis Sloan

General Manager


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