“Texas Scramble” 11/21/18 results

Front Nine:  Team Moore 68, Team Bradey & Team Boucher 69 (tie), Team Acton & Team Boswell 72 (tie).

Back Nine:  Team Moore, Team D. Failor & Team Dyslin 70 (tie), Team Acton 72, Team Boucher, Team Carney, Team Boswell & Team J Wingo 73 (tie).

Overall:  Team Moore 138, Team Boucher 142, Team Bradey & Team Acton 144 (tie), Team Boswell & Team Dyslin 145 (tie).

Birdies or Better:  #2 Quinones, #6 Webb (HOLE-IN-ONE!!!), #12 Carney, #15 M Failor, #17 D. Failor (eagle).

Greenies:  #6 Webb, #9 Acton, #11 Moore, #15 Quinones




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