Hump Day Hackers results for 12/3/14

Teams, Best two scores:

Front – Team Quinones 74, Team McCarter, Team Gray, Team Wood & Team Hope 75 (tie)

Back – Team Wood 73, Team Curtin 76, Team Gray, Team Hope & Team Carey 77 (tie)

Overall – Team Wood 148, Team Hope, Team Gray & Team Quinones 152 (tie), Team McCarter & Team Curtin 154 (tie)

Birdies or Better:  #2 McIntyre, #13 Hope (eagle), #15 May, #16 Cordle, #17 Carney

Greenies:  #6 Melton, #9 Gray, #11 Hope, #15 Carney

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hackers results for 12/3/14

  1. I enjoy reading about the scores and the boy I played with. Keep it up Tom, and tell everyone I said Hello. Wish I could play with you. In my thoughts on Wed. Good Luck to all. Sonny


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